One of the most common issues to come up in the area of Divorce Law is the subject of Child Support  and the relationship between the percentage of time the child is with each parent.

     This percentage is know to the Court as the Time share. Each parent's timeshare figure is the percentage of the time during the year that the child is in the custody of that particular parent. For example; If a parent has parenting time with a child on every other weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening, this is approximately 15% of the year. Therefore, this parent's time share would be 15%.

     This factor is important as on of the three major factors that determines the amount of guideline child support is the timeshare between the parents. The guideline support programs calculates the net income of the parents, and the custody time share of each of the parents. The higher the time share for the non-custody parent, the lower the child support order will be. If the parents have and equal amount of custody, it is likely that the child support order will be minimal as long as there is not too much difference between the parent's incomes.