Two of the most common issues that will be handled by the Divorce Court Judge in Sacramento

County are the matters of CHILD SUPPORT and SPOUSAL SUPPORT.

When the Court is required to address any financial issues, each party will be required to complete Family Law Form FL-150 Income and Expense Declaration. This is a four page form that each party will use to document to the Judge their Monthly income and expenses.

The first page of the form asks for some basic information about each party. This includes their age, educational background and tax filling status. The tax information is important because the support calculations used by the Court factor in each parent's tax filling status.

The second page requires a party to list all of their monthly sources of income. This is usually a party's monthly salary from their employment. If a parent's income changes from month to month, the form will ask for their 12 month average salary. The Income and Expense Declaration also requires a party to list any other sources of income. This can include self-employment income, unemployment insurance benefits, dividends and rental incomes. The bottom of page two has spaces for parties to list certain deductions from their income, such as health insurance, union dues and mandatory retirement contributions.

Page three is the Expense Page. Each party is required to list their estimated or proposed monthly expenses. This section is quite detailed. It contains categories for everything from mortgage and rent to laundry and dry cleaning costs. Parties seeking an award of permanent Spousal Support need to be especially careful when filling out this page. A Judge will review it to determine what a spouse's support order should be.

Page four is only in situations where child support is an issue. The form asks how many children are the subject of the case and what is the percentage of timeshare between the parents. There is additional space for extraordinary costs related to the children. These costs are usually related to a special needs child.