The Law Office of John V. Montero has vast experience in dealing with the most sensitive issues in Family Law. We believe that it is important to protect our clients and their children in times of difficult transition and great change for their families.

We believe that our approach to Family Law is best represented by our careful understanding and focus on the needs of our clients.

At the Law Office of John V. Montero every case will be handled with thoroughness and compassion. We know that our clients are real people going through a difficult period in their lives.

Our office always remembers that our clients are people who care very deeply about their families. We know that too many people can feel lost in the  legal system and never feel like their voice was heard.

We make sure the every client knows that their issues and concerns are heard by the Court.  

We have a Client Focused practice that includes:

  1. Consultation: An initial consultation with each client to learn about their concerns, goals, and objectives.
  2. Recommendation: Following the consultation, researching all aspects of the client's case and the law in order to recommend the most suitable course of action.
  3. Representation: Carefully and skillfully representing the Client through the entire legal process.